Thursday, August 4, 2011

Picture Happy!

I'm all about taking pictures this week!  My previous post has pics of my Scoreboard, my PowerPix "wall", the Rules posters, and the beginnings of my Genius Ladder.

Below are pics of my front door (I'll add students' names to the apples as I get my class list), a space for Ten Minute Writing (on the inside of the front door so they can place Post-its on their way out the door), and an updated picture of the Genius Ladder.  I velcroed 4 small dry-erase boards for the "rungs" of the ladder.  I didn't write out "blah, spicy, extender or genius"--instead I used the first letter of each word as the ladder climbs higher.


  1. I'm in love with your genius ladder! Can't wait to make one in my 2nd grade room. :)

  2. These pictures are adorable! I'm really interested in hearing how your first year with WBT ended up going? Could you give us an update? :)
    Best wishes!

    Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
    Miss L's Whole Brain Teaching