Monday, June 20, 2011

Whole Lotta Love for Whole Brain Teaching!

I implemented Class-Yes this year (2010-2011) and was blown away by how quickly the kids picked it up--and loved it!  I remember standing there thinking, "Wow, this works!"  I started it on the 3rd week of school and explained how they had to respond "yes" in the same way I said "class".  Their favorite was the "growling ogre" voice I used.

I had to overcome some initial "looking silly" reservations of my own though.  We frown upon acting silly for no reason in class, right?  And here I was encouraging it!  It seemed like a total contradiction.  Teachers are supposed to act a certain way--totally serious, no joking--at least the teachers I grew up with. But after seeing the great response for Class-Yes, I knew there was something to Whole Brain Teaching.

I'll be attending the 3-day conference in Texas and cannot wait to start implementing all aspects of WBT this year.

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